Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Morale booster ~ "do not judge a book by its cover..."

I received a SMS this morning, here goes -

"Initially I am thinking u just want to sell products... but don wan answer people enquiries.... I was wrong.... Thanks for patience........ ur products works and sorry to have that thought initially........."

What an extra-strength dosage of morale booster in the early morning! It triggered me to pen down some thoughts on ~ the way about sales.

What is the impression we have of typical salesman out on the street? How do we deal with them? Have we ever been convinced by them to get something? What are our expectations of them?

By looking at what actually motivates the sales representative in the industry, could possibly determine the kind of experience you receive? (there can never be a wrong answer... )

1) tangible incentives (~ you reap what you sow - the company's strategy tends to incentivize top target hitters with recognition such as overseas trips and monetary awards. )

2) family commitment (i.e. I need to work so as to support my dependents...)

3) personal belief in the product

4) and the list goes on.....

We are salesmen in our everyday life .

Consider this - have you ever tried to convince your friends on getting something which you think is worthwhile?

Me: "Hey Mary... there is this very good deal @ orchard! storewide 40% plus plus plus!!"

Mary: "What? gosh... this is something not to be miss this out... let's go!!"

A basic sales technique which we always use - to convince and persuade others, and this is no rocket science.

Question to ask ourselves now, do we do it because

a) we want our friend to benefit from the deal or

b) we can get some benefits out from our friend's deal or ?

c) (a) and (b)

The above is always debatable.. Society has progressed with better education and technology. With the evolution of world-wide-wed and social media, customers are kept more up-to-date, more knowledgeable and more demanding. The art of doing sales is not just a one-off affair where customer buys and never returns. I believe that doing sale encapsulates the notion of client service delivery - what benefits/value-add is in it for the customer?

Many years have gone by and I still hold on to that belief .

"OLD SCHOOL THINKING" is what what keeps me going strong till today.

Bryan 老师 OLD SCHOOL THINKING simply means - "To do sales with my personal touch of love and care, without any bias. Always deal with an open mind and heart, and do not judge a book by its cover."

Do you recall how those old hawkers selling their food with pride and scold you? Despite that, you continue to queue up for their delicacies simply because they cook with so much love.

Hehehe...I feel I am just like the old hawker. I don't really scold but I will tell you off directly :p

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