Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 elements SOUP By Bryan -- Lock the heart of your love ones

山药== 署预== 山芋== 薯药== 淮山药==淮山==怀山== 野山豆== 野脚板薯==長 山藥.

Oh gosh....I am so so time to check my mailbox till now.... please wait for my reply on Monday ok and courier also will be next Tuesday. I really wanted to show this recipe here today. Its really very tasty.

This is special formation to nourish and cleanse the 5 organs in a gentle way. It also help to improve body Qi. Its my perfect healthy meal accompanied with a bowl of rice and cut chilli. Heaven ^^

Ingredients: A cup of soyabeans, 1 red carrot, 20gram of 玉竹,20 gram 怀山,a CTBS 枸杞, a packet of mix mushroom(I bought from market place for $4. You can buy individual in market, and 'agar agar' the proportion you want.)


Put cleansed soyabeans, red carrot, 玉竹, 怀山 in half pot of water or 3/4 pot of water. Boil for 30mins. (You can remove the soyabeans thereafter, but I cook with other ingredients) Next, add in 枸杞 and boil for 20mins. Following that, add all the mushrooms and boil for 5 more mins. Add salt and some soya sauce to taste. Try not to eat the soya bean, as it may cause indigestion. You can add a pinch of sugar into the cut chillies.. That's grandma's hakka way of eating :)

(*Those long Mushrooms has a lot of roots. Remember to cut away the dirty one and wash clean)

Ah Ma secret workshop! Please join us :)

Properties of Bryan's Soup

1) Boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and treats cancer. It has many benefits for your skin.

2) High in vegetable proteins, chitin, iron, zinc, fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals.

3) Fight off illness by maintaining physiological homeostasis - restoring our bodies balance and natural resistance to disease.

Bryan's Fountain of Youth Method:

2 hours after drinking this soup, do a footbath with 4 drops of Bryan's relaxation blend for 15mins. Do not eat any supper in the evening. Followed by Neroli facial oil to apply on your face before sleep.

Yap. The fountain of YOUTH rejuvenation method.


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
is 淮 not 怀

*Bryan Gan* said...

Dear Aunty: 中文: 山药, 署预, 薯蕷, 山芋, , 薯药, 淮山药, 淮山, 怀山, 野山豆, 野脚板薯, 長 山藥.

Thanks for some trying to correct me. But u should research first ma. Some tell me not 怀山. Please go read carefully.

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