Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facial Mist --- news

Yesterday was a success for Ah Ma Secret Workshop ^^

Hahahaaa...shy to say but many people compliment my skin texture has further improved... Thank you..... ^^

I think my skin has lately improved dramatically and has such a healthy looking glow due to the Facial Mist and Masks. (That's my bottle of Mist beside my laptop)

A lady who has sensitive skin further feedback that, she's keen to use the mist and has some suggested tips here: "Bryan, the mist is ok for my sensitive skin, just spray further away, and not too near the skin."

Bryan 老师:

Yes. The facial mist should be sprayed 30cm away from face. One to three spray will do as long as the mist envelope around your skin. Remember it is not a toner but to damp the face.

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