Friday, July 1, 2011

洋参须 AND 老山洋参须

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(Its a one man show...hope you don't mind to make an effort and find out where to buy all these.)

Two main types in the market. Cheaper one and Expensive one.

Medical halls at the HDB estates usually give the cheaper ones.... You must verify, confirm and double confirm is Lao Shan ok.

(**Yi Liang is the Chinese way of measurement is like almost 30gram)

I bought this batch from Fu Hua. Well, if you know of any good and reliable medical hall, do share with us.

A) Cheap One: Yi Liang $3 to $5 to $8 (big range....I find it funny too)
It doesn't mean that cheap ones are no good. Cheap ones are more for army boys and for very heaty case. (Take note. Be aware and careful when you buy from unknown may be buying papaya roots)

B) Good Old one: Yi Liang $30
Its known as 老山洋参须:Is old roots which means is mini cooling, remove the fire in body and also put Qi back to our body. Our age should drink this type. Let children below 18 years old drink the cheaper type.

Bryan's Personal Antiage Maintenance:
I drink 5 gram 老山洋参须 once a week to improve Qi, remove extra body heatiness or if I feel my throat feeling kinda funny.

I boil it with 500ml water. Boil for 20mins using small fire. Sometimes, I will boil more and store in fridge to drink the following day. Just warm it up the next day and drink. Not more than 2 cups in a day. If I am having a hectic week, I will usually boil 10gram and divide into portions for 2 days.

Bryan's Research Properties: Nourish 5 organs, nourish the brain cells, produce fluid, remove heatiness but yet not too cooling, helps in insomnia and reduce "Pek Chekness", reduce high blood, for people who worry this and that as though going mad soon, over exhausted from work and skin break out. If you need to work extra hard that week, just for that week, you can boil 10 gram a day to drink...and can reboil a few times.

For mouth Ulcer (don't want it to grow bigger)

5 to 10 gram Yang Shen Xu + 5 gram Shu Di Huang: Boil with 600ml water for 20mins on small fire. Super power ok. Ulcer become smaller and doesn't grow big.

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