Friday, July 1, 2011


I have to disable my comment section whenever I see there's too many people advertising at the comment section. This, however has also disallowed people who really want to give feedback here.

I am glad you guys still make an effort to give me feedback via sms, msn and even through emails. No matter how good a product is, it may still caused minority to have allergy. Although, so far so good except for two very good tonic products, which may not be suitable for,

1) Sensitive skin , or skin who went for chemical peel
2) Rash Skin and pricky heat skin

The two products are:

A) Facial Ginseng Antioxidant Mist (its very good. I spray so many times a day) but sensitive skin may not use it. Actually, I have some sensitive skin too...but its ok now.... Hmmm.

B) Queen of Moisturiser Synergy (it contains Ginseng, Rose, Sandalwood... super natural scent) but some skin find it strong..... so I advise to use it at night.

For sensitive Skin: Start off with Antiage set first and pearl white clay. Strengthen your skin first. Theerafter, slowly modify the products.

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