Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I bought this cup for $10 from Ion B4. Well, actually I am eyeing at the other cup which is nicer but cost $40. Its ok. The temptation is only for that moment. Save $$$. Be careful when you buy tea cups. Do not buy from the shops along road side because some soil used is toxic. Have you heard of poison tea cup? Haizzz....everything must be careful nowadays...

Bryan's Very Beautiful Nite Nite Stomach Warming, anti-cancer lemongrass and Good Sleep Detox Tea

Lemongrass has the advantage of killing off cancerous cells. A study in 2006 found that no normal cells were harmed, but the malignant cancerous cells committed cell suicide. This is such an amazing discovery. It detoxifies the liver, cleans the pancreas, kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. It also reduces uric acid and other toxins in the body.


A small teaspoon in a cup, pour in boiling water and drink when warm. If you can try drinking a cup after your 15mins footbath (using lavendula vera with ginger oil in a tub of warm water). You can feel happy and good the next day :)
Secret Beauty: I know a few ladies who have very very nice since the day I know them. They swear by flower tea, example they will drink one cup of rose bud tea everyday (Only 3 rose buds). Many people gets very excited with flower tea and buy the tea happily. Hmm...but the momentum stops after drinking a few days. LAZY.....LAZY....
I like to drink different flower tea everyday. I make it a habit because its cheap, healthy and good. I have rose buds, lemongrass, Pu-er and Osmanthus. I drink a little a day and all these can last me for 6 months. 

After drinking this tea, u apply rose balm and neck .chest and lavendula at stomach bottom of feet. U feel good. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher Bryan,

Where can we get all the "flower"?
what is a rose bud? where should we get it? jus mix with warm water and drink it? or we need to put in other ingredient?