Thursday, August 18, 2011

Directive for Flu and Cold AUG 2011

I believe the mini video clip helps many. There is a "flu bug" flying around. I called it 3 days flu bugs. If you can "zap it within 3 days, you will recover very fast. If you ignore it.... it will be a draggy flu with stubborn cough and develop to super sicko tiredness. ...

Flu symptom of 2011 August (Info gathered from 36 emails)
First sign is sore throat, followed by sinus and sneeze, accompanied by headaches and next is COUGH (can be avoided). However if you take care during this 3 days, it will not develop into chronic sinus and cough. Therefore, its important to have a good rest during this 3 days. However, if you do not rest and unable to rest, there is nothing I can do...

Let me repeat myself.. the key word is REST. If you are unable to rest well this 3 days, flu will become worse....become 2 weeks flu with cough. Not worth isn't it?

Mini tips:
If you really really need to work, talk less. Use Lavendula vera, Peppermint , eucalyptusand Lemon oil onto a piece of tissue. Inhale a few times a day. Hot steam of face with Eucalyptus and Lavendula vera oil. Warm your upper back with hair dryer. For 3 days, take Redoxon Vitamin C with Zinc. I have checked with a few doctors, that many of the sore throat for this flu need not use antibiotics.
For me during the first 3 days, I will gargle water with 1 drop Lavendula vera and 1 drop Eucalyptus oil..
** Disclaimer: Check first if you are allergic to herbs...
See a doctor if you have flu, then accompanied with my herbal tea and aroma oil. You will be amazed with the result in 3 days.

SMS for the day:
Q: Bryan, can you translate the video again to Chinese? My mom don't understand.
A: Your mom don't but you do. (Get scolded)

Q: Bryan, can you buy the herbs for me and courier to me today, urgent please help?
A: I am not maid ah...

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