Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marriage of Best Serum: Freshly arrived time to stock up.

Lately, wife from XXX PRINTING film at REDHILL has been using Bryan's facial serum for 3 months....... She used to use a serum that cost $472 for 30ml. Now, she finds that mine is better :P Have you tried?

Antiage serum (I usually apply during day time)
It contains herbal ingredients that give you the "pick me up" which your skin needs. Leave skin visibly pumped, smoothand feeling healthy.

Skin Vita serum (I apply a bit at night)
Some media artistes have also mentioned on radio it helps to tone their skin. The berries leave the skin looking revitalised and helps in lighten pigmentation. In addition, it helps in brightening and enhanced translucency of your skin.

All apply before moisturiser.

NB: Price for a lot of things have increased...A bottle of serum in salon costs at least $120.....
Bryan' serum set is only $113 only since 2005 Details:

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