Sunday, August 21, 2011

Historical Moments

10 years ago, I created my own website trying to reach out to companies to give talk.

I thought my old website was removed by Yahoo since it was not updated for donkey years. Somebody actually found it. It was first created in 2001 (For your viewing pleasure only. The products and services were no long available in this site).

Hhahahaha..I remembered I was also selling fresh wheatgrass, and going around Singapore to teach people how to grow wheatgrass hahahahhaa....Good old memories....

Guess this morning is a visit to memory lane... Its a dream that came true with your support. I looked at the icon for [type of services] ahaha..that was 2001 where I helped to do fengshui clearing and activate crystals for shops and residentials (one of the shops has now expanded to 3 outlets..wowww).

11 Sep 2011: Bryan will launch Omhealth offical website with auspicious Lion Dance.

I am still a very conservative person at heart. For a long time, people have been telling me to come up with a professional website, to project a more credible image in order for business to grow. I believe a lot in hardwork and no shortcuts to long term success. All the experiences and accumulated testimonials will prove and improve my work. Its been 15 years and now the time has come for Omhealth to have its own official website :)

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