Saturday, August 20, 2011

Completed with Love

A naughty group in class, and they were asked to face the wall. Ahahahahahaa. Just kidding. We had interactive class arrangement :)

Arrived early to get ready for the class.. massage stick, singing bowl and training materials etc... My beloved parents were there to help and support me as always :) A very small family business that started from scratch till now, with many helpful volunteers and friends. I am thankful for everything that came into my life.

Handmade Singing Bowls using 7 metals from my Master. Interested collectors can sms me. I can help you to order at $280 per bowl. Its handmade and produce Piano form of tuning fork harmonics in music therapy(non religious).
We were preparing butterfly yoga to improve sleep, prevent knee cap problems and improve skin.

50% were newcomers who came across my work through magazine and TV programs...I am happy to make new friends. Thanks to all for your support.

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