Friday, August 19, 2011


A) Watercress with Eucalyptus honey for cough sore throat. Good & powerful, at only $28. On top of this, there's free delivery within this 2 days. To order, sms to 9652 3139. They courier even its only a bottle. A power and natural prevention for flu :)

I bought to prevent cough and sorethroat. It works quite effectively for me.

Ermm....its not my product but I wish to introduce here because I find its good. Do not ask me to buy for you....hahahaa....

B) Guardian Pharmacy Systema Toothbrush - 3 at $6.60 only. The usual price for one is about $3.30. I bought 50 sets hahahaaaa......Mouthwash buy one get one free. Best LOBANG.

Any good lobang can save money, do sms me ^^

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