Friday, August 26, 2011

My Wish Comes True

10 years ago, I told myself I will only launch a proper website when I have more then 10000 students, with all the testimonials and 10 different workshops.. Hahahaa...Yeah, I prefer to go slow and steady.

11 Sep 2011: After so many years of hard work, Bryan is finally launching his very own website at the age of XX years old. Hahahaaa.. I have to thank each and every one whom I met along my journey of learning and sharing since 1999. A special thanks to all stat boards who have invited me to your company when I was a "unknown" therapist Stay tune for this simple website. A lot of time is spent to categorise the products and information..

Tips: Many youngsters are very enthusiastic to start online business. I admire these young entreprenuers for their drive :) However, I would advise young entreprenuers that they really need to put in a lot of hardwork and build up a strong foundation first.... A good website without a strong customer base is like having a beautiful vase at home with no opening and serve no purpose. I have a friend who wanted to start on a new supplements, paid $30k to marketing company. Yes, nice brochure and website but no customers.....

To do business, one must be
A) Direct, B) Sincere and Direct, C) Quality and Direct, D) Direct and Believe in Good Quality only, E) Direct as in frank to customers and put yourself in their shoes. Advise them if they are not right.... F) Dare to be Different but for the highest good of all, G) Humble yet do not change your principle of being sincere, I) Take pride in your product, J) Compassionate and remember you can't please everyone.

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