Friday, August 26, 2011

Heart to Heart Thank God feedback on Skincare

Hahahaaa....perhaps, age is catching up with Bryan....started to be a bit "lor soh" in blog. Then again, I am really grateful to everyone who spent effort to write in your precious feedback on my skincare. Omhealth does not do any media advertising, but depend largely on word of mouth for all my products. I thank God for being so kind to me.

Many sms me about food cures and where to buy herbs....I am sorry. Its really hard to reply your questions by sms. I hope you can understand. Email first and let me slowly reply. Thank you.

HKK! Here I come next Tuesday! Please email your orders to,by Sunday. I will spend my whole Sunday to pack your orders. A big thanks to all for making payment within 3 days after you receive your items. It really save me a lot a lot of time.

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