Thursday, September 22, 2011


In Chinese TCM and western science, Carrot is good for our body. In ancient Chinese, carrot is known as "SMALL GINSENG" because there farming was a common activity. Farmers need to work under the hot sun for long hours. They are prone to heatiness, and eating carrot helps them a lot.

Unless you are a farmer, you can take more carrots. However, most people has a "cooling" body type. It means a bit tonic, heaty, a bit cooling cold hand cold feet. Hence, take carrot in moderate amount. Ancient knowledge is good but we need to judge whether it still suit us. I know some people drink carrot juice daily, and always experience headaches for no reason...and once they stop reduce their intakes for carrot to once a week, their headaches is gone. .

I suggest if you are have weak body type, experiencing back pain or headache, eat once a week and in moderate amount. According to findings, it will weaken who has "Xu" body type.

I always believe always eat things in moderate. Today, I intend to boil carrot with dried oyster soup. I will drink this when I am heaty or overworked, as it clears my skin and also improve my Qi.

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