Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hair Serum Usages - Wordy Directives :)

You can save a lot of money if you invest in a good hair serum and have a habit to treat your hair few times a week.
With all the abuse your hair can take from brushing, styling, coloring, and highlighting, it can get frizzy and dull looking. A good hair serum can get the frizz under control and bring back the shine. Hair serums can also make it easier to comb and style your hair, which will reduce dreaded breakage. They can protect your hair from sun rays and styling-product buildup Here’s more about this go-to hair styling product.

How to use hair serum

You apply hair styling serum after washing and dry your hair. Take a few pumps of hair serum. Rub them between the palms of your hands, and then smooth the serum over, across, and through your wet hair. A dollop about the size of a dime should be enough. People with curly hair may need a bit more and those with straight hair might be able to get by with a bit less.

Be careful to distribute the hair serum evenly, starting near the ends and working up to just below the roots. You should avoid spreading serum on your scalp and the roots of your hair, particularly if your scalp tends to be oily.

Drying and styling. Once you’ve applied the serum, you can let your hair dry naturally, or blow-dry and style as you normally do. Hair serums can help protect your hair if you use heat-styling tools like blow-dryers, curling irons, or straightening irons.

How hair serum works
The hair serum coats your hair’s strands, offering a layer of protection against the elements and smoothing over any tendencies toward frizz. Hair serums with UV protection are good choices, since they protect your hair from sun damage.

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