Monday, September 26, 2011

Many Neck SHoulder Pain

I feel very sad whenever I see people suffering from back pain, spent a lot of money but still does not see much improvements...feel sadder when I know some therapists squeeze every cents out of their patients/customers and yet give wrong information.

I used to have this problem, so now I am going around to share how to overcome.
There are few methods to tackle neck and shoulder problems, tension using 3 oil with cream. I documented a few effective methods in this blog. You must find your own method that works best.
Daily breathing exercise day and night is a very important key factor.

After I apply 3 oil with ceam, I will massage my neck and shoulder a bit.
1) Lie down on hard floor. Straighten my hands and do deep breathing. I feel oxygen going to the blood vessels, healing the nerves and spine too. Relax. Sometimes I will also raise my leg to the wall. Picture A (Imagine you are looking down from above, and I am lying flat on the floor)

2) Both legs straighten against the wall. Both hands by your side, open up or over your head, forming a L -shaped. (Imagine you looking at me from the side)

Hahahaa...Tried my best to describe by drawing but I know my drawing looks awful...please forgive me...I am really bad in drawing but hope you can understand what I mean.

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