Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bryan's eye cream got Rosehip also u know

Write so many years le , still unable to finish my eye cream goodness in one article. The natural warm feeling of its ginseng.... and now talk about the other ingredient.

Eye cream is important if you want to have an overall younger looking appearance. A lot of people think that using wrinkle creams are enough to make you look a few years younger. But with dark and puffy eyes, you will still look old even without any wrinkles on your face.

Testimonials for myself

I'm in love with my eye cream. It keeps my eyes moisturising. On a tired day, my dark circles don't appear as dark as usual. In fact, my eyes look more brighter. I big eyes one, used to have very dark eye circle but constant take care and three times a week, use rice oil under eye and warm towel compress works wonder....

One of ingredient in eye cream : ROSEHIP EXTRACT

Rose hip is an ingredient that many head formulators are starting to recognize as an important element in any anti aging products. Once the petals fall off of a rose, what you are left with are rose hips. There are many skin benefits that can be attributed to rose hip. Rosehip is high in bio-available vitamin C as well as other components and offers many excellent benefits to the skin - boosting regeneration of the skin around the eyes and making the skin more elastic as well.

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