Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stay Tune tomorrow

Hi all , Bryan Lao Shi, always research and tell the truth and not affected by commercial....

Is Sea salt ($2.7 for 500 gram) Better than market table Salt (0.50 cent for 500gram)

Not really. Although it’s marked as “natural,” the advantage is insignificant. .
Sea salt is not better than regualr salt. They are the same. Here’s why:

Sea salt and table salt have the same chemical composition. Chemically, they are both sodium and chloride.
Sea salt lacks iodine, table salt can be readily found with iodine. Iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid gland function, and its deficiency leads to goiter, enlargement in the thyroid gland.

For body scrub use the 50cent salt in a box from market or NTUC, no need buy the health shop seasalt. ahahahah...........

Bryan's sea salt recipes will be reveal after radio tomorrow. With few drops of oil and a 50cent fine salt, ur DIY 500gram salt scrub only cost $2.

A bottle of essential oil has 200 drops of oil...

Market Beauty salt body scrub is $50 to $60 a tub and not as fresh as you made which cost only $5 a tub. And my tub use the reuse Mee Pok Tub.....

Want to learn... well listen to radio and I will demo soon.

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