Friday, November 18, 2011


I want to announce le, in the hairset

those comb and kwa sa Plate are not my products, I went down to Chinatown personally to buy de with my 10% discount card for u all. So is not my product and I dont have profit for selling a $10 comb la. Their comb price has increase le, just for your information. Is out of good will I go buy for u all de:> So if comb size different not because of me hor:>

SO for comb set is $60 of lavendula vera oil and Rosemary and Comb (12.2, after 10% discount is $10, i got it). In future I may not go get comb from them le, because their item keep on increasing price, u all go source for new place, if u found new place sell cheaper comb tell me ok:>

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