Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Mind:

Fear develops a malignant magnetism by which it draws to itself the objects feared, just as a magnet draws a piece of iron, and thus increases our miseries. Fear intensifies and magnifies our physical pain and mental agonies a hundredfold, and is destructive to the heart, nervous system and brain....

Aromatherapy Way to Conquer fear and Improve Health. Stomach Health == Fearless
A twenty cent size coin cream, 1 drop lavendula vera, peppermint, Frankincense, Massage stomach 54 times clockwise and than simple put both hand on stomach for few mins. U must do it while lying down on bed, best is everning:>

Also this 2 months:

NB: For chicken drumstick soup, i say 8 cups, but if u feel too diluted u say 6 cups.
Above Frankincense oil extracted from this trees: When Frankincense combines with Lavendula and Peppermint: It helps in strength, reduce worries, and fear. Also stomach tension which can relate to chronic back pain and overall health inbalance. Give this 3 oil a try and massage stomach longer. For me I massage 108 times clockwise. And after that drink a cup warm water.

Dont let fear of life paralyzes mental initiative, courage, judement, common sense. Let the power of oil works for u:>

Latest News: Rose Geranium has increase in prices and now a good one in market is $100 for 10ml. Mine still remains $45, because no rental fees which shopping mall will deduct 50% for profit:> I want to thank all for your support:> I am still holding stressfully for aroma oil as the Oil and Fred charge increase every year.

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