Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breath for Health

478 Breathing with Bryan in Garden:>
Close the eyes and observe the breath. Allow your mind to focus only on your breathing. Breath quietly in and out of the nose for 3 cycles. Now inhale through the nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale in a slow and controlled fashion for a count of eight.

Use the abdominal muscles to press in gently toward the spine, helping to move air out of the lungs. Repeat this for 5 times:>
Skin Benefits: Toxic C02, waste is eliminated more directly though your breath, your skin can also be postively affected by improved blood flow and oxygenation:>It also massage internal organs:>

NB: One man show in business is not easy, with your understanding on replying email late and also making prompt payment when product received allows me to have time to Garden and do a series of video for health and luck. Thank you everyone:. Skincare set all arrived fresh, Facial Serum , Mask face and eye arrived too:> order when free:> Serum really make a different in skincare, remember to use antiage serum day and skin vita serum night:> Many client who use expensive products switch to my serum and find it wonderful:>

Do you know, many of us are really stress. But again we have the nature to help us to rejuvenate . PLease go to Singapore Botanics Garden once a month to heal your Qi. A lifeforce you need to replenish. Is one of the must must way to overcome stomach bloatedness, tiredness etc.

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