Friday, November 11, 2011

Facial Scrub is extremely Important

比来比去:Who 怕Who: Many of my skin care user who attend my workshop without makeup and look good:>

U think in this Beauty line easy ma? Everytime need to look good infront of others and when u go media corp do radio show u also must look ok, further I dont use foundation and makeup. So making sure skin clarity is important:. I have my way. I may age but I want to age with a glow. I dont believe in advertisements anymore after all disappointment. I believe in my own skincare and own method.

Diet and Natural Products and Freshness of product is important;

But aiya human are like that neroli oil ,one is from France and one is from me. France $120 and mine is $45, some will buy france one. But u ever think why the france one lifespan is 2 years and mine is 6 month. Think la

Aiyo heehhe when I read the emails that u all send me, I feel that most of you have thick skin like me..... Telling people our skin is good. I must say be proud of your skin, When people compliment, in ur heart , say "touchwood" ahahha. I tell u, in office if alot people say ur skin is nice, sure got jealous people one. Especially office girl hor, indirectly and directly compare one la.

Imagine those using :"la la la Cream ", use $$$ skincare still not glow, but u use mine skin glow and glow, of course people will jealous la. All are woman..... So next time ur skin glow, they ask what u use. U say " U use products that are fresh and chemical free", than no need introduce them la, because people who use mainstream products need alot of time to switch. Prove them with ur skin.

Clear skin is greatest asset; Me and U may aged and natural to have wrinkles and freckles but the glow is important.

Using of a good facial scrub that is made of pure ingredients and special design round JOJOBA bead is luxurious to the skin. At our age, doing scrub twice a week is good.

Instant Glow:

Gently scrub ur face with this scrub for 15 seconds will be good enough. Follow by cleansing with water, than mix pearl powder clay with lavender water and do a mask of 10mins. Follow by massaging neroli facial oil on a damp face for 2mins. After that warm towel cover face for 5mins and follow by washing face with ice water:>

Facial Scrub at $45 enjoy hor:> I use scrub twice a week follow by a Pearl Clay Mask:> Your face will feel so smooth and silky. It cost very little to do, and the results are big. Give it a try and you will like the results!

Scrub free from chemicals:> and lots of herbal extract and fresh

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