Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leading a Happy Life because I have You:>

A person can live happily, if we spread love and be honest in whatever we do. Example being honest to customer and also sincere, direct are the ingredients that allow me to lead a Joyful life. When you have nothing to hide, u feel relax.

To me being able to serve you with good quality products and share with you what I know to spread love, health and happiness is my greatest satisfactions in life. I dont like to be fake, I speak from my mind, which some new comers may feel weird but if you know me, U will like me ehehheeh (thick skin). Aiya Life is short, just be yourself for the highest good and not Ego can le. I got no time for nonsence for DP and TP
DP: Difficult People: Always like to be difficult for everyone
TP: Toxic People: Always create problems for people and drain u.

If you are new comers:> do come for my part one beauty and health with Bryan look for the event list.

I have completed my Angel and Herbal Incense workshop with success(more pic and my words I even make 100 Fa Gao for everyone and also a star sweet from Japan for all attendees.
I rewarded myself today by attending Soap Making Workshop with a group of close friends:> Is really wonderful:>
I never listen to teacher lor, end up only 2 colors eheheh:>

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