Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best of Best :

Have u make the drum stick soup. Please do hor. Nowsaday we can overnight aged one if dont take care. And by the time u find out hor...late.... And u need to request my CHU POWER 12 steps le:> Secret Manual ..... I wont share de ....ahhahha

Every aroma oil is different from market as is used by many, tested by many and reasonable price. Since I no need pay rental so I focus on good oil . Aiya... it works....

3 oil method for ache and the stomach one works well for bloatedness. Also the Sunflower Slimming oil also very famous now. Plus one more testimonial a lady leg recover from the footfungus method

Testimonial 2:

Mdm S, her foot fungus tried many creams doesnt work. She tried my tea tree oil , lavendula method. work work now. Some ask why my teatree more powerful than outside. Is because of freshness and I dont keep stock. Do u know I spend alot on fedex and also u see carefully all my essential oil bottle outside dont have one, is from UK special design bottle not from CHxxx. And can keep the energy of oil:> Lalalal , sell melon again ....

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