Friday, December 30, 2011

Power Porridge for Stomach and Skin

Have you all go Isetan buy that useful clay pot. I find it is so so good to use for brewing herbal porridge:> Herbal Porridge, I have decided to measure the proportion clearly for you:> Is enough for two bowl and supposed to be watery, is super tasty. Drink slowly and it will clear ur bloatedness and remove dampness in your body.

Since 2007 I have been sharing herbal porridge on Radio 972 because is easy to absorb by Body and benefical to health:>

Put above ingredients( 白术,陈皮,党参,制甘草,茯苓), in 850ml of water and use small fire boil for 30mins. Than remove all ingredients. And put in a tablespoon of small rice and brown rice into the herbal water. And boil for 20mins:>

From now I will use a tablespoon of each and make many kind of herbal porridge for you::>

New comers , do remember register Health and Beauty with Bryan 2012 for first timer:> It will be a very good workshop to know more about my healing method:>


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