Friday, January 27, 2012

Skin Young Young Start Now: Bryan's serum that makes u young from within

I am very lucky to have customers who are very generous in giving feedback on my products. Thank you so much for having the faith and trust in me. Thank you so much for taking time to give me feedback. I felt very happy whenever I see my customers gained improvements in their health and beauty.
Life is short...I always believe sincerity and making an extra effort in things that I do. I hope people will remember me in a good way on my products even when I am old.

Brief History

First launch of Bryan's facial serum in 2001. A Tai Tai "looked down" on my facial serum said, "What brand is this? I only use Lamxx....etc...." and followed by many critical comments...Hahahaahahaaa...I would say she is my teacher because she motivates me to strive on. In life, whenever we encountered challenging people, keep your cool first. Such people came to our lives as a test for us to learn and improve....

Although Bryan's facial serums have also gained recognition in other countries now, I still believe in constant reviews and continuous improvements. Many shopping malls have requested me to sell my products but I will never do that. Bryan will never compromise quality for profits..

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