Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anger & Frustration Qi trapped in body affects health

Qi Stagnation (Qi blocked or not flowing very smoothly) can arised from anger, sadness, pek chek and bobian. "Swallow" a lot of anger qi can cause health problems such as bloated stomach, heart and chest feeling very tight, the slightest thing can make you flare up. You just don't feel ok.

Anger and frustration will become norm and if this stagnant energy stays in your body for too long, it can change into destructive Fire, which may cause major health problems....

Liver is affected :
This situation simply snowballs....Once the liver qi is affected and accumulated from whatever that triggers initially, the person will be more prone to feel anger easily. Increased anger will further damage the liver which results in more anger, and further damages the Liver and so on. It snowballs...

Bryan Lao Shi's simple method to release liver anger qi


  • Apply 3 oil with cream on your upper back, lower back and waist line. Not forgetting to apply some on your chest area as well.

  • Followed by 3 drops of Bryan Relaxation blended in some body lotion, massage stomach in clockwise direction for 21 times and anticlockwise direction for 21 times.

  • Press the above liver point for 3 mins on each foot

Drink a cup of warm water after the above procedue. You will burp or fart. If you didnt, you will need to repeat the whole procedure again on another day. The day you managed to fart or burp out air, means successful. You can do when needed.

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