Thursday, March 8, 2012

12 years ago and now

Ahem Ahem....I think I looked younger now as compared to 12 years ago...hahahahaaa...some wrinkles and eye circles are inevitable but this is how a 40 years old man should look! Hahahaa

Botox and chemical products are NO No NO for me. I make it a point to carry out my facial routine everyday. Bryan's Skin Booster Gel and Neroli oil to prevent sagging of skin. Facial serum is a must for hydration.

Today, Bryan has a new Diploma - Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology..... Continual improvements and studies is my key of success.

"Health and Beauty with Bryan" for new comers...Email to register now via With effect today, a new procedure will be implemented. Once your attendance is confirmed, my volunteers will call you to transfer the class fees before the class commence.

I should have do this much earlier, isn't it? For the past few years, I spent a lot of time on admin work and a lot people who registered for class didn't turn up. Hope you can understand my decision. Anyway, this is the market practice.

My role in Singapore is to help people to balance between TCM and Western Medicine. I don't like natural therapist to be so extreme or western doctors to be too extreme as well. I believed in absorbing the best of both worlds and strike a balance for both. I believed both with wisdom. My role is reduce your learning curve in natural therapy. In the past, natural therapy needs a lot of money to learn. I wanna make learning simple and easier for you.

That is why I hope newcomers will not miss the chance to attend my workshop, "Health and Beauty with Bryan Part 1" in May. This workshop has been well received since 1999.

Last month, encountered a couple who took organic food for their whole life but they have cancer now .... Why? .. Why?

12 years ago, Bryan's first "Health and Beauty with Bryan" was held at YMCA. That time, I didn't know a few popular faces were attending. My first class only have 15 attendees. Hahahaaa

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