Thursday, November 14, 2013

A famous Sunscreen SPF 25 for clarity Skin. ( ARRIVED)

7 days to clearer skin

I think most of the problems we have is dull skin. Cause by

1) Pollutions, SUN damage, Dehydration

If u look at it. Is quite simple to overcome.

7 Days

A) Drink 8 glasses of water (as if u don't know)
B) Morning cleanse face with Antiage Cleanser, follow by lavender water and antiage serum .
C) Apply Perfectionist abit and on top of it SPF 25 sunscreen. Or if u feel skin is not dehydrated, u use direct my SPF25, is pearl extract collagen.

D) Eye area HA eye serum. Laugh lines can dap abit.
E) Evening at Home: at night use face and eye mask.

Honey Water:  All these years I only eat good organic honey but not Manuka. And save a lot.

I only eat this Honey because cost less than Manuaka and more effective:> Enjoy ba; U all can buy ur own brand I no profit... Just that good lobang show u now

Acacia Honey helps to better detox liver and aids blood circulation.  With very fine acacia floral aroma.  Drizzle over bread/cereal for a nutritious breakfast!

Linden Honey helps to soothe nervous tension and insomnia due to stress.  Light amber in colour with a nice mild lime aroma, that is good enough to drink it on its own.

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