Sunday, November 17, 2013


Gold foil facial is so powerful

and u can do it at your home safely.

As my gold foil is pure gold and can put on chocolate and eat type.

U damp your cleanse face with lavender water. Than put a gold foil on your face.

Follow by some marine collagen cream and massage in:>


  •  Gold facials can be done for beauties of  dry, normal or oily not acne skin
  •  Gold facial has toxin removal property. It repairs damage done due to oxidation.
  •  Gold facial repairs sun damage. It repairs the damaged skin cells. It also prevents  sun   tans.
  •  Lightens the complexion of the skin.
  •   Improves blood circulation.
  •  Gold has anti-ageing properties too!
  •  Melanin formation and pigmentation of skin is controlled.
  •  Helps in Lymphatic Drainage.
  •  Rejuvenates the skin.
  •  Improved elasticity of skin is yet another advantage of Gold Facials

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