Friday, November 22, 2013

Oil Summarised Part ONE

For 15 years, always use words of mouth to teach the method of using oil. End up not productive but people treasure the methods. So today I decided to have a page on Oil Usages rather than informations clutters everywhere.

Lavendula+ Rosemary is known as Yin and Yang balance oil.

Serious dandruff : 1 drop each in a cup of warm water, after wash hair final rinse hair and scalp. By 5th day dandruff should disappear. If not means need add 2 drops rice bran oil to the water

Serious hair drop; Final rinse 3 times a week. than one drop each in cotton rub a comb. and comb hair daily.

Study cannot focus and work cant concentrate: 1 drop each in cotton and put on table. If can add 1 more drop lemon oil.

Travel in hotel room to feel at home: 2 drop each in carpet and add 2 drops grapefruit pink. Once after shopping reach hotel feel good.

Famous 3 Flower OIL: Joint pain, spur, inflammations, migraine headaches, all sort of stiffness.

(This oil helps many who suffers like me from above , I have scoliosis and cervical bone degenerations)

Method A: 5 drops rice bran oil on palm, the three oil, 1-2 drops each on plam apply direct to any pain area follow by stomach. As stomach qi activate recovery QI. Than rest. For back pain lie down on floor for 5mins with eyes close.

No rice bran oil can replace with a bit body lotion.

B) Lavendula vera and Grapefruit Pink: All must have, the two combine helps many people who suffers from depression and sadness and also bring happiness. Also many stroke patient love it by putting oil on warm towel wipe their body.

For me I put one drop lavendula 2 drops grapefruit in cotton ball... use as creative as u wan.

 C) Facial Kwa Sha for beauty

3 times a week:>

First cleansed face, lavender water damp the face with cotton, follow by Neroli facial Oil apply face and do kwa sha.

refer to label beside on facial kwa sha

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