Monday, November 18, 2013

Volunteer work Complete

Sometimes I really don't know u all got read blog ahaha...

Time flies le, as main stream is facebook now. But I never stop writing.

I hope u all can read:>

Oh omhealth volunteer work has expand. I have no time to really promote my skincare and oil which are maintained at very good standards.

I hope u can support me to let me have my work to expand further. All skincare at highest standard... Products details at 

I stayed in Australia for 5 years, to me, helping people and also maintain good quality products are important. Also those who buy my things, remember to transfer money on time. :>

I hope with oomhealth, I can expand my volunteer work further to different parts of the world.

My dream of sponsoring one BUS LIBRARY in Cambodia is happening:>

Anyway Christmas coming:

Oil for friends: Lavendula, Grapefruit pink and my Healing trees oil. So something for your friends. Buy a nice box put this three items and write their properties as a gift.

One set $98. Support me ok:>

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