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Hair Care method Taught By me

In 2001 public workshop in Singapore. I introduce this method to many Singaporeans
On a TV show 2008 , a media artiste has serious dandruff and I boldly suggest rosemary and lavender oil one drop in a cup of water final rinse hair. She recovered after a week.

Bryan's Hair care method was inspired by

1) Queen Elizabeth ONE who love rosemary oil: Final research , good for hairgrowth and hair related problems.

2) WoodComb: Empress Dowager use it daily to prevent headaches and also hair shine. Famous for her hair comb method.

Bryan's Haircare so natural that prevent headaches, hair drop and also head circulations and help improve memories.


A) 2 drops rosemary, 2 drops lavendula vera in cotton, rub the comb's teeth. (Cotton can put drawer now). Use this comb, comb head gently. DO it evening before sleep.
Now this oil on comb u can do it 3 times a week. Daily just use comb to comb.

B) Water Rinse MethoD:

1 drop rosemary, 1 drop lavendula in a cup of  water, final rinse head avoid eyes after wash hair. (hair growth and help dandruff problems) . If dandruff serious add 2 drops rice oil too.

C) Hair Hot Oil Treatment
15ml rice oil in a empty bottle ($2), add 2 drops rosemary and 2 drops lavendula. After hair wash u can take 5 drops massage head and hair.
Or u can put 20 drops on hair , wrap with warm towel. Than after 15mins wash off.

C) Hair Serum: The serum that is free fronm chemicals and toxic that repair damage hair:>

Hair set: Lavendula vera, rosemary, comb and rice bran oil: $110 and empty bottle $2.

Hair Serum:
With today's rushed lifestyle, pollution, excessive hairstyling, bad eating habits, exposure to sun for long periods and lack of hair care our hair tend to lose their shine. Bringing back the lost shine is not a one-day affair. For regain the lost luster one has to regularly eat nutritious food and fruits and indulge in regular exercising.

What Is A Hair Serum (Used by Zeng Siao Yin de)
Hair serum makes the hair shiner and does not allow them to entangle. It protects the hair from the damages done by over exposure to sun and hair styling products. The effect of the serum application remains till the next wash. It should be applied after a hair wash.

How to apply hair serum:

Applying hair serum is quite easy.
  • First wash your hair normally with a shampoo then wash them with cold water so that open pores close.
  • Then take some of the hair serum on the palm of the hand and apply them on the hair and let the hair dry normally.
  • After applying the serum there is no need to wash the hair with water again as the serum does not have any harmful chemicals. Serum is basically silicon oil that is non-sticky in nature. And because of its non-sticky nature it protects the hair from dust, pollution and sun

The hair serum forms a thin protective layer on the hair strands. It returns the moisture lost due to exposure to sun, heat generated from the hair styling gadgets. It is used to set broken and frizzy hair.

It is available in the form of sprays in the market. It is primarily used for dry and frizzy hair, which breaks easily, or hairs that have under gone excessive chemical treatments like perming, coloring.

The hair serum provides nourishment to the hair, which makes them strong, and they don 't break away easily. It also conditions the hair, which makes them healthy, silky and shiny. 

Rosemary+ Lavendula conditioning hair rinse. The herb will help to combat dandruff and is said to aid hair loss recovery in cases where hair loss has been due to stress and worry.

Prevent hair loss through poor circulation and to stimulate growth after an event such as chemotherapy

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