Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Healing Of Bryan's Oil : Aromatherapy King of Oil here:>

 Aroma business is very popular in market. Everywhere u go u see aroma shops. But what makes omhealth survive till today even without shops and online business?

What makes omhealth so special??  Well Omhealth is not famous overnight but is a long way of 10 years

It all began from the passion of flower therapy a basement apartment in Brisbane in the fall of 1996… Since that time I was in Australia working with a team of  experts at the art of plants base skin care formulations and the science of blending essential oils for emotional and therapeutic use, crystal therapy

In order to bring the freshness of oil and have a feel of family business. I didnt do any marketing but share through workshop as my master says, good oil people will come back. It is very important that I support charity community with essential oil in the early days.
Apply essential oil for elderly enable me to have practical experience. Many market sell oil by reading out the oil properties from books. 

But omhealth is real life case studies.

Not easy ah;

All my  specially formulated blend like: Bryan relaxation blend, 5 element oil, healing trees oil, PAF Lime and now the New Dragonfly oil use only the highest quality fresh chemical free oil. U see I always share , is not about organic is about freshness oils available.

 My Single oil like: Lavendula , peppermint , marjoram, rosemary spanish, lemon, Rose geranium, grapefruit pink, nutmeg, kaffir lime, rice bran oil.... they are all my babies:>

U see my grapefruit pink fresh until sweet one. In the market quite sour de... put too long le.

All of the ingredients that we put in our products are free from chemicals and synthetic fillers. We believe that healthy breathing skin means healthy organs and a healthy body.

Over the years I have developed a unique and distinctive line of skincare and healthy body products made with innovative ingredients that are approved, Certified Herbal and Floral Infusions

I used and tested each ingredient that we use in our products carefully and diligently.


It can be very a very difficult business to maintain because good quality oil need respect and determination and to ensure freshness u need to use ahahha fedex;

SO far in Singapore most oil you find in market are in bulk and big quantity. For mine is always fresh from farm. Oil business u cannot lie to people one. Many oil company open a few months close down and than change brand and continue.. FOr me oil business around for more than 13 years. 1996 to 2013.

Beside the physical properties of oil my oil each of them has healing aspect:

Lavendula Vera (Bulgaria)+ Peppermint+ Marjoram Rare Grade:
A healing herb that promotes love, especially self-love and gentleness, happiness, health, guarding against cruelty and spite; helps grief, sorrow and guilt.

Medicinally lavender relieves stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia headaches and migraines. It will heal wounds and burns and ease throat and chest conditions. 
 Rose Geranium with PAF Lime:
Heal domestic conflict or trouble in the work place. Calm nervous tension and lift depression; alleviates burns, cuts, bruises, acne and eczema. 

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