Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hair Darken, Strengthen Hair and Strengthen body soup

A lot of times joint pain people mix up with GOUT. So once and for all totally avoid peanuts:>
GOUT is different from arthritis de:>

But the very lovely Mr Gan work with a professor to invent a power soup. Even GOUT also can drink :>

Many experts show that peanut skins contain phenolic compounds, touted by nutritionists as chemical "fountains of youth" because of their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Read more here:
Resveratrol - one such compound notable in grapes but also found in peanut skins - has been shown to prolong the lifespan of some animals. Another compound group in peanuts, called flavonoids, consists of the same chemicals that provide the health benefits of green tea.

Bryan Lao Shi sweet Tea:>

Raw peanuts from market : 100gram
Red dates remove seeds : 10
Brown sugar: estimate to taste
  • Wash the peanuts one time;
  • Immerse the 100 gram peanuts in water for an hour. Than the skin will be easy to peel off. Once peel off, we want the skin don't want the nuts.
  • The skin u put in a muslin cloth (cook soup one). Or u can cook than sieve the skin later
  • Use this water with the skin add some water to a pot and boil with red dates for half hour.
  • Off fire, add brown sugar.
We drink the soup, don't eat the skin:>
NB: The left over nuts, u can oven It or fried eat and make peanuts snacks.

Warning: Fall down swelling times, or swelling joint: We stop all nuts products ok:>

Nut Skin: . Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory effects and help overall health by fighting free radicals that cause oxidation of cells. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), polyphenols may reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. They can also have anti-aging effects and positive effects on arthritis.

Royal Aromatherapy HAIRGROWTH HAIRSHINE RINSE. ( I use this and is good for poor memory problems)

Drink this tea already:

natural remedies hair loss
Do a hair rinse of:

A MUG of water: Rose Geranium 2 drops, Rosemary 2 drops, Lavendula 1 drop.

After wash hair already: Final rinse with this mug. Avoid eyes ok:> It is good for hair growth and natural and hair shine.

IF U HAVE DRY HAIR: Add 3 drops rice bran oil to it.

Freshest Aromatehrapy in Singapore: First and only one to use FEDEX in import. No stock store.

Price cheaper than market for this grade as I don't have to pay 40% to shops and so I can use good oil for u.

Rose Geranium: $45
Rosemary $25
Lavendula vera $28
Rice Bran Oil: $45 (Head to toes, love by Yong Mei 972)
Wooden Comb: $12- $16


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