Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dragonfly Oil Blend:> Bryan Lao Shi Famous 2014 Blend

The energy field of dragonfly oil blend has  one of the simplest energy patterns ever. It simply moves inward. That's it. Imagine a tornado building up over a desert. Have you seen the way it sucks sand
inwards towards its center? That's how it's energy field works.

What does it pull in? Pure cosmic energy right out of thin air.  When introduced into our energy fields it infuences our energy fields to do the same too

evokes feelings of warmth and of passion. Its romantic scent means that it is prized and valuable.

Dragonfly Blend

Dry Legs and Skin

Smooth dry skin on your elbows and knees with a moisturizing blend of the following:

  • 8 drops Dragonfly Oil
  • 20ml Rice bran oil oil.
  • Rub into any affected areas twice a day.
Keep the rest and the blend can last for 3 months.

Love Blend for couples:

 Attract love and also in ancient times, also attract wealth. Rekindle the romance in your relationship, using the deeply relaxing and sensual properties of jasmine. Delight your partner with a massage to release inhibitions and encourage romance.

Blend together:

10 drops dragonfly oil in 30ml rice bran oil (enough to massage two body from head to toe).

Errr u all any how apply massage can le :>> ( so embarrassing).

No people love you blend:

One drop dragonfly oil 1 drop rice bran oil on palm. Massage neck and chest.

Totally Sibuay JIA LAT no people like you blend.

3 drops dragonfly oil in a pail of water, rinse body 3 times a week. Dispel any gloomy thoughts and encourage a more positive outlook

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