Monday, March 17, 2014

Eyes Area dry

Area around the eyes is really very delicate. But how many of us really take good care.

Fine lines, wrinkles, mottled pigment are some of the symptoms of skin damage around eyes. Other aspects like skin color, skin tone also get affected.

Eye cares have formulations that deal with these issues. With the use of these items, your eyes will look young again ( but be reasonable we cant get back the youngster skin area la but at least good bright eyes (that's why using facial oil mini bit around eye and use warm towe

Must Do to take care of skin around the eyes.

1) HA eye Serum is a must (fight fine lines and pump the skin up)
2) Moisturiser is needed (eye cream) to seal the moisture and circulate the eye area.
3) Eye mask that has high antioxidant which also fight free radicals.

4) Most of your will not do. Is apply facial oil like rice bran oil around eyes area twice a week and than warm towel cover face. This is so important step as the oil is so needed by the eyes (no cream no serum nothing) can help the eye area skin. Good oil wont clog pores because they are no mineral oil.

Most important of all above all must be free from list of chemicals and also MUST BE FRESH.

One eye serum in market cost $200 le. But with $200 u can see how many items I have. Just think this items is now used even allow me to be shown in TV show.

Try my eye serum ba. u will love it.

Facts: The tender and gentle skin underneath the eyes stretches and gets thinner the older one becomes.  As the skin becomes thinner, it becomes more susceptible to dark circle formations, wrinkles, and damage to the delicate tissues.  One’s veins beneath the thin layer of skin become easier to see as well. So if u use product over whitening skin is no good.

The skin under the eye can become puffy due to water retention or when fluid beneath the skin under the eye becomes trapped.  This type of puffiness is more extreme in the early morning hours upon waking. sinple warm compress and cold water helps. also apply some eye cream push from inner to temple under eye is good.

Eye Care

1) HA Eye Serum BEST $50 also can dap abit laugh lines
2) Eye Cream $55 Ginseng warm
3) Face and Eye Mask $68
4) Neroli facial oil for face and eyes area and hair too $45 (declore brand is $120)

How to apply eye creams

This is tricky last time when young I cant apply eye cream on eye lids, will allergy now old liao can le.
Also apply already many no wash hand so at night sleep touch eyes.

To apply eye cream, take a small amount, a little smaller than

the size of a pea (which is enough for BOTH eyes. I.E. half  pea per eye)and apply ONLY to the orbital bone. The orbital bone is 
the structure surrounding the eye. Tap gently on the orbital boneand do NOT take down to the lid or up to lower lash line. Eye 
creams are very emollient and your body heat will make it travel.If the emphasis of application is too close to the eye, it'll
smuck up your makeup or worse, irritate your eyes

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