Sunday, March 16, 2014

We are not just ourselves in this world

The world exist because the conditions and environment and the integration of all elements.

Is important in life we do our part to conserve energy.

Save water is so important and if everyone here make effort to save some water a day. Within a week can have swimming pool size water le.

For example now I am in Malaysia.

Well when travel I look forward for bathtub because Singapore Idont have one. So I can use my aromatherapy. But this trip I bar myself from doing. Because water already very precious this few weeks, I should do my part to save the earth.

We can do bathtub la but at times like this we must be sensible. Even in Hotel , my towel I use 2 days.

My this trip in KL is audit trip for my IT work. Also I am attending courses on health beauty.

And also latest research on Tea for backaches.

The Dragon Blood Facial gel is launched. Do support me ba.

Photo: In this comfortable hotel; I always look forward for the bathtub because singapore no bath tub which I can use my aroma oil; but thinking of saving water , I bar myself from using and also one towel use two days; In Malaysia now some places water ration; must do our part also; u got waste water in singapore anot; brush teeth wash mouth got use cup anot?

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