Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Five minutes a day rest rest breathing article written in Mrt

(Draft in Mrt)

I have been doing this morning and night;

But gradually increase to 15 mins before sleep;

This seating thre relax with eyes close is not religious yoga or anything ; is letting the mind and heart cells to relax and than brain will release a wave call theta wave which is very healing;

There are people who do this for six month daily and many back spur or chronic illnesses recover; it was even tested by scientist;

From tomorrow 10 mins before u sleep turn on a music , two sound track; close ur eyes, relax shoulder seat on chair or bed with back a pillow; deep breathing ten times and return to normal breathing; 
Listen to the music ; any thoughts come falls back to the music tone;

U can use some lave dual grapefruit pink ;

U all need to help yourself; if see many doctors also can't help u help urself from today giving ten mins a night for six month; common sense once cell settlement relax ur body will repair;

The problem with u is stress until body can't repair le

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