Friday, March 7, 2014

Remove Damp Energy Tea:> [ Please drink this tea]

Remove damp energy tea

赤小豆:remove dampness
Bai Shao
All above $2.8 or $3.5 at  Teck Soon Bridge road.

U just say QU SHI CHA.

Recipes B

Weather is Hot and Damp and we take cold things also flu easily.

u need

云茯苓,白术,泽泻 ,扁豆衣 this four ask them mix until $3. Boil water 40mins small fire. Flu time drink speed up recovery. Above also Teck Soon have sell at $3 plus ba.... U all ownself buy ok:> Any medical hall have.

After that use clarity blend massage neck roll at head temple. POWER Or rose balm chest area u feel cool

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