Monday, April 28, 2014

Be Yourself and I am proud of you Bryan Lao Shi

After 16 years I decided to write a letter to myself:>

share aroma acupressure for beauty

famous healing spray

Omhealth has come a long way. With a box of aroma oil and a trolley back in 1998 , travel from school to school. Office to office to share with people on aroma oil, breathing exercise and healing methods. Is a long way. When you were not "known", u take a long time to convince people.

But if u have faith with your work one day people will know.

My number one so call mini regret, was I have neglected going out with friends during my golden age. But what in return now, I am able to share my knowledge, helping more people at the same time earn a living for my family. I am happy le.

Working 7 days a week..... but now I don't call them work. In my more matured age now I am more drawn to helping elderly and people in chronic illnesses. 

This 16 years I have not changed in my passion.

Mean alot

Do you know it means so much for me to be selected as Singapore Guru for this TV Show.

Yesterday suddenly after recording, my heart filled with JOY. I say Bryan lao shi, u do not not have any media contacts, no shop, no whatever powerful media link, people find you by random, search on internet and saw u just few times on local TV show only and u were chosen. Thanks to Wa Wa for taking the risk ahaha. 

And here u are in second season. Cool

(Do u know I am less than 10 times on TV all these 15 years, just that Singapore media keep repeating).

Taiwan Show:
Last year I was so nervous, I was wondering how to share my aroma acupressure and tea to this Famous TV show.

Is not easy because I need to blend in their style. Without much experience, the 1st few recording I was packed with nervous molecules and try hard to memorise script.
As compared to the host and Taiwan team of teachers (which TV show is their daily life), I appear stiff.

But again I treat it as an experience. Because I know with this exposure, my work can reach more people.

Few of my friends say Be yourself and enjoy the process...

I love Yi Ling Lao Shi, she directly say bryan be yourself, don't care about whether how the show run ( a very powerful encouragement from her)
Oh please, after yesterday second season recording, I understand what is "be yourself" and enjoy the process infront of so many cameras.
I am sharing this with all, when u all doing something new and big events, forget about what people say be yourself and enjoy the process...

Because only u have gone through a lot of test and "seasoned" already than u will know be urself is what.
And yes after a few hippcups.... I learn what is BE MYSELF yesterday. Be yourself is something like, u do and do until u don't know what and try so hard until u drained and suddenly awaken than u be yourself.

Now I know be yourself and enjoy the process can be achieved only when u have gone through hardwork.

Changing Phase of Natural Health Therapy:

Beauty and Natural Health has become so commercialise now. We are often confuse about what to eat or what to apply. Well, don't be. My task is to help you.
Have you drink the porride water, have you done your breathing exercise and have you learn to do some acupressure daily.

Remember, your body has the capability to heal itself. All illness is the body way of fighting some problems. Give them some time to recover. Well example insomnia... If u have done all things for insomnia. Just tell your body say out aloud" Hey I have done what is needed and insomnia, I let go and my body, I let you handle fully now".
And stop going around tell people u cant sleep as u are programming your mind further u cant sleep. Amazing result of many media using my frankincense to heal this sleep problem.

Upcoming Event:

21st Sep 2014

Reunion with Bryan [Health and Beauty with Bryan (NEW TOPICS)] is my way to thank you.

Date:21st Sep
Venue: Tessensohn road Auditorium
Time: 930am repot.

6th July:
Music Mantra Mediation and Mudra. The most powerful self healing workshop.


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