Tuesday, April 29, 2014

reunion with bryan Lao Shi


There are 200 over email over last weekend till today.

A lot of health issues, I really try my best to reply. So all reply is go straight to the point one liner.

A lot info in blog, do a search.

I hope u all make effort come for my 21st Sep2014 workshop. There will be a 15mins FAQ answer all health questions.

Breakthrough your lifestyle with Bryan lao Shi. Aiyo internationally recognised le le. So many years le, I no need sell the workshop details la, u all will come one. Register early ah... if not....

Is at CSC auditorium by Bryan Lao Shi

Reunion with Bryan Lao Shi 2014
Date: 21st Sep 2014
Time: 930 to 1230
Fees: $45
venue: CSC Auditorium (Tessensohn road)

Invited famous TCM to share tips on Female health issues with proper recipes.

It takes me 2 years to prepare. last one was Silkscroll of health 2012.

188 seats only. As not easy find venue now.

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