Friday, October 17, 2014

Holy Sacred Frankincense

Almost every month i receive a sms on holy frankincense.

But lumps or cyst must see doctor, u can use frankincense as a complimentary treatment.

For above lady she use direct. For some u can dilute it with rice bran oil.

For me i use direct a drop on neck. To prevent my bone degenerations.

Holy Sacred Frankincense is $90 but is worth it. Each drop is very precious.

Extra USages ( refer to beside the label under frankincense)

Brain (Aging)
Use daily both aromatically and topically: massaged into the feet or body, inhaled or diffused, added to bathwater, etc.

For me, i use one drop direct 3 times a week on base of neck and chest.

Improves Digestive Function - Frankincense solves a number of digestive conditions. It clears gas collected in the intestines, eases stomach aches, indigestion and abdominal pain. It also aids the digestive process by speeding it up.
I rub 1-2 drop of healing or holy frankincense with 4 drops rice oil massage stomach.

Frankly speaking, once a year give ur parents a bottle of holysacred frankincense put beside their bed. Make a habbit ask them put a drop on palm massage foot and chest and neck before sleep ok.

Mdm Ee has depressions and bipolar many years le and on antidepressants for some times. So i suggested her the video on frankincense and she reduced the pill of course with doctor advise as I am not doctor. She put a drop rub palm and massage behind ear and on back of her head. She also inhale and massage rose balm on chest, Sometimes she massage the top of head too. Also sometimes she apply a drop and base of foot.
With just 2 bottles of Holy sacred, she feel so much better.

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