Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Powerful Antiaging method that in one procedure

Why facial oil and water technology from Bryan lao shi is famous now.

Do u know there are a few commercial products now, they combine and make into a bottle of skincare at $220 with added preservatives. Too bad I don't have nice label packaging and boxes.

By doing below method, ur skin is more radiant, skin texture is more refined, firmer and lines are less visible.

90% of user from omhealth says skin very radiant with my facial oil.

1) Hydrate Skin mirco- flowers making skin soft
2) Nourish Skin with minerals
3) Increase skin Oxygen breath and radiance
4) Protection by enable skin to be more strong
5) Boost skin by making it firm 
6) Natural because u need to finish all in 8 months.
7) Texture more refined and radiant
8) Activate body emotion and acupressure point


Facial Scrub : $45
Immortella/ blue chamomile / neroli facial oil " $45
Rose water or lavendula water : $45

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