Friday, December 5, 2014

Eye Gel Launched on Tuesday

$55 each bottle at 20ml (Tuesday than launch)

Only 30 bottle this month. U can order now, but remember ok:> Order have the courier handling fees.

This eye gel is really good. 

I share with you how I use my eye product now.

U see u have 2 bottles, doesnt mean u spend more but u take longer time to finish.

Day time, I apply HA eye serum, than dab eye gel.
Night time, I apply HA eye serum, follow by ginseng eye cream.

Features of Dragonblood Eye Gel.
This eye gel if u read the ingredients carefully it has science in it, peptide 8, kakadu plum, it optimise the elasticity and also enhance collagen of the skin. It has those whitening herbs that improve eyes circulation.

Kakadu: Give the skin around eyes natural glow and rich vitamin C. U know our eyes once dark le, i must really tell u the truth, takes long time to whiten, i myself experience all eye product , to me i find hydrate and less chemical best. I used to have panda eyes, but now semi le and better le. Eyes area skin u may have try many things, nothing can work instant. But i find i need a product that can use thick and thinto hydrate skin.

Quercus Bark Extract: Firming and lifting. form a microcrystalline network that supposedly binds to the surface of the skin, helping to tighten it. smoothing effect on the skin, which could be of great use in anti-aging skin 

Because of the above factors, dragonblood eye gel utilize Vitamin C, many herbs, Liquorice Root Extract, Kakdu Plum, and other natural products to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, providing you with beautiful, younger eye area.

Nothing in the world can cure dark eye circle after one application, u need watch ur diet and sleep. But this eye gel is free from chemicals and when apply u can feel happiness and smooth flow.

Eye Gel this quality can be like $180 to $250. But i am not branded brand. I am NICHE brand, for people who use quality and natural fresh skin care. Try ba :>

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