Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh 6ml : $50

I had my first experience with Myrrh oil was in 1999 Takashimaya one of the famous essential oil shop. that time I had throat infection for 2 months and antibiotics 3 course still cant help. So i use this oil blend to apply neck. Also a drop a cup warm water gargle.

Myrrh was very popular among ancient cultures. Our Chinese ancestor use as medicine.

One of the oldest Egyptian medical texts, dating back to 1550 BC. Even the Greek soldiers made use of this resin, bringing it with them to battle to stop their wounds from bleeding.

1) Dental problems and prevention, use in gargle.

2) a drop to water and compress any wounds.

3) U can add to any creams or lotions and become a remedies for

Myrrh has high antioxidant, antifungal,antiviral.

In chinese is use heavily in respiratory issues like cough.  Digestive ailments, gum and mouth disease,  immune problems.

How I use?

Using myrrh alone hor, the smell of oil too strong for me, that time i put a drop at neck. Aiyo whole day the scent heavy. Unlike frankincense, myrrh stays on so so so so so long.

I dilute it or use for healing but putting hot water steam face.

A) 2 drops hot water inhale gently the steam
B) U can apply undiluted to skin, or mix with frankincense, spice ten oil, lavendula vera with rice oil become body massage oil.
C) IN TCM it helps move liver Qi. Any oil blended with myrrh , can become a liver oil. By massage the blend right side of body before sleep.


In fact when I research on TCM secret powder for joint pain (remember, grandad time, when people sprain leg, they have a white cloth with sticky medicine apply wrap at joint) this sticky medicine has myrrh powder and frankincense. But do u know if they use the oil is best

New Joint Pain Blend (Bryanlaoshi铁打还魂骨灵膏)

Myrrh 4 drops, healing or holy frankincense 4 drops, lavender peppermint marjoram 3 drops each in 20ml rice bran oil. 

This blend can use to apply daily heal bone issues


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