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PMS cramped

I dont have PMS, but I know and I see how my ex colleagues cramp until need to squat down that kind.

Well, nowadays young woman don't really know how to take care health. With cramps and still eat salad cold food, result in cramps, and ageing yellow skin.

I have many doctors friends, when I share with them how my clients has recovered from tumor cyst after using frankincense holy, they just errr ok. Sigh..... a medince used by Chinese ancient, egypt etc no need gain medical science to verify validate. All these years many clients using holy frankincense share with me success stories. But serious cancer, they use as one to comfort their mind. because i dislike overclaims. There is also limitation.

I hope one day, medical science and natural therapy will seat down in discussion. Again I want to say there are some natural therapist also overdo, like all illness can cure one, which I disagree. Sometimes i feel if u have serious pain, is ok to see a western doctor to find out and may be take a few days antiinflammation pills follow by natural therapy to maintain.

Below material from a expert:
Science in Aromatherapy: The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research showed that a cream consisting of essential oils was sufficient to dramatically reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramping.

3 Oil for PMS pain, u can 1 drop each with 5 drops rice bran oil, massage navel and lower back.

Here's what the science shows about each essential oil:
  • Lavendula vera can relieve anxiety, depression and pain in previous human studies. And it has studies support its use as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Peppermint improves blood circulation and immunity. It is also useful in curing headaches, motion sickness and urinary tract infections. Pregnancy should avoid use
  • Marjoram Oil has been demonstrated as an analgesic, and to dilate blood vessels, which relieves menstrual cramps in previous studies.
In this study, four molecular components of the oils used accounted for more than 79% of the oil composition. Those four components have potent properties themselves:
  • The lavender and clary sage essential oils contributed two specific molecular components that are known to be anti-inflammatory and relieve pain in both humans and animals. In addition, one of those molecules inhibits the secretion of the prostaglandins that cause uterine muscle contractions.
  • Marjoram oil has a component that also interferes with the prostaglandin pathway, and has pain-relieving properties. Another component in marjoram is a known local anesthetic.

2 Oil method Female Power Blend / Male also can
Myrrh and frankincense holy produce a Royal scent. Myrrh if use alone too strong le.
Holy Sacred frankincense oil apply chest and tummy daily will reduce alot female illnesses.

Myrrh 6ml $50
Holy Sacred frankincense $90
Healing Frankincense $45
Empty bottle 15ml $2
Rice bran oil 100ml $45

www.omhealth.com see how to order
What’s incredible is Frankincense and Myrrh are used in TCM combinations or herb formulas mainly to unblock the flow of blood, treat traumatic injury and stop pain. 

They really good for for abdominal pain during menstruation and for irregular menstruation .  
In Chinese TCM Frankincense is known to ease the tendons and muscles while myrrh is used for non-healing sores such as bed sores.

U know last time i blend 2 drops myrrh and 2 drops frankincense in 10ml rice oil and apply to my neck bone problems. U wont have the hot feeling but it will slowly do clearing of pain, is not instant but it goes down to deep root of the problems.

I suggest the use of Holy Sacred frankincense if u want the scent to further help u. It can
  • acts as a sedative, great for insomnia, helps anxiety, anger and stress.
  • relieves pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, etc., soothes inflammation.
  • improves digestion and alleviates gas, abnormal sweating, uneasiness, and indigestion
  • promotes urination to purify the body and reduce bloating
  • helps regulate estrogen production and delayed menstruation. Helps PMS symptoms and pain.
Frankincense Oil blends well with PAF Lime, Lemon,,Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Healing Trees and Sandalwood oil but my powerful blend is blend Frankincense with is Myrrh. the two of these oils work like magic together.

When myrrh and frankincense oil blend with rice oil, it has properties for healing to use daily.

1) relieves inflammation of tissues in body
2) Protect body from viruses.
3) Blood circulation
4) nerves and IBS when massage stomach 

This Christmas, give something to your friend.
Blend 3 drops Holy sacred frankincense and 3 drops myrrh in 15ml rice bran oil. Do a nice label and print out properties and usages.

Apply the blended oil on navel and lower back is a must. Is call 2 point method. Than put hot water bottle. Girl Using Hot Water Bottle / Nils Hendrik Mueller - <previous> 10/06 <next>

Acupressure for cramps. Apply one drop blend or direct holy sacred to the point below and press soreness mayhave for 3 mins. Stop cramp and pain.

Power Tea for cramps
8 slice of San Cha (hhawthorn), 1 big boiling cup water, steep for 15mins. Add dark sugae 1 table spoon. Drink warm.

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