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Cancer and Cancel Cancer

Lately many news on cancer... I spend few days to write this article. and hope u can read and label beside many cancer and frankincense related articles.

I am not a medical doctor.
The article below is based on my 20 years of natural therapy experience just to share. Do seek medical advice for any issues. I claim disclaim any claim, until no claim and cannot anyhow sue people till u claim is u read and u didnt read this sentence clearly and u blame people end up u claim nothing.

Cancer tumor and growth in body

In my understanding of natural therapy. Tumors or cancer, are like mouth ulcer similar in body(my anaoloy).

Some people even have cancer but when dont know have cancer seems to recover fast. Some once know is cancer, it affect the body fast and die fast.... Is the mind.... heart and Qi. but is best to body check up and handle with care. What I trying to say, a person emotion can either worsen or speed up healing.

Why? Well is the mind and body capability to heal a sickness like ulcer. for mouth ulcer, if u sleep well and eat more vege it recover fast. But if u very tired and busy, it drag very long.

In natural therapy, tumors or growth are like a body way of detoxing negative Qi and toxic cant be release end up through growth. When a body can learn to detox of mind and emotion and eat healthy the growth may just disappear.

Main problem with people when have cancer is they listen too much. Once a person have cancer, many friends or relatives will give many suggestion from herbs to etc..... 
What the patient need is someone to listen to.... A person to listen to their problems rather than suggestions. When a person mind and heart has alot of worries and no place to release out, it cause the body qi to be stagnant. But when u listen and care concern, their body negative qi is release and recover faster.

So from here, we learn one thing, if u always keep things in yourself and compress, tumor will pop up. In TCM, women prone to breast cancer because the heart alot burden and sadness trapped. Liver meridians walk through the breast which cause growth.

So why people use frankincense, rose geranium and lavendula vera  can help cancer because this few oil besides having alot of medical properties, it can release liver and heart qi stagnation.

Lately research frankincense can handle abnormal cell in body. For me I am not scientist. I just experience myself using Holy Sacred Frankincense even my healing frankincense has heal my cyst. and u can see my many students feedbacks for breast tumors reduced size.
Here is the article :http://www.rexresearch.com/articles2/frankincense.htm  read ba when free

  • Chemical extracts of Frankincense resins might possess anti-cancer activities, based on their anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic activities in rat astrocytoma cell lines. It possess cytostatic and cytotoxic activities in multiple human cancer cell lines, including meningioma cells, leukemia cells, hepatoma cells, melanoma cells, fibrosarcoma cells, colon cancer cells, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer cells.

  • Uses: Normally they put above mix with rice oil massage chest and breast.
  • Aromatherapy is used by patients with cancer primarily as supportive care for general well-being.
  • Aromatherapy is used with other complementary treatments (e.g., massage and acupuncture) as well as with standard treatments for symptom management
I find when go foot reflex, u add few drops of aroma oil like lavendula or frankincense works wonder.

Bryan Lao Shi Aromatherapy Kit

1) Lavendula vera, apply foot before sleep. Also sometimes before sleep see body where have mini pimple apply it.
2) Rosemary Spanish oil, is weird although this oil is energising, but at times i am stress before sleep, i use this oil with lavendula vera seems to work wonders. I also use rosemary and bergamot in essential oil burner. Love it
3)Bergamot beats depression,for many woman. For me i love it because it works.
4) frankincense oil seems to beat all problem oil, a bottle in office or beside beds helps u in many situation, it center my thoughts too.
5) Snow Chamomile, i use it to calm and when mix with bergamot of PAF lime, it boost positive energy

Tell you the truth, aromatherpy itself cannot just smell. U must press acupressure for it to work . So this is not taught right. For me before inhale any oil i will press this point. This point open up the senses and tell ur brain, hey relax la.

U can have many aromatherapy but how to use and correct blend need alot of years of experience.... I learn and learn from many Masters and i am glad it works for many.

Food Intake:
I am quite worry for the new generations. Look at their face, skin is really not good color. Because over use of eyes and smart devices and sleep late. They will have alot of health issues when is our age. I believe this blog dont really have people in 18 read....

cancer or tumors feed on rotten food, just like crabs. DO you know crabs are attracted to rotten food. And i describe cancer cell or tumors are like crabs that feed on rotten junk food u eat.

And rotten feelings. I tell you, people who have rotten feelings like anger, jealousy and unhappiness create rotten Qi in body that feed the crabs.

Food guideline: Try to reduce processed food. Eat greens daily, is not easy now but u must ok. Soup is important . Water I try to drink alkaline water le, i buy the singapore brand starwater.... but u can choose ur own brand. I am not spokesman. Japan korea cancer drop alot i heard is their house all have the alkaline water machine.
For me bryan lao shi, i feel damp energy is also main cause of illness. I will drink barley and roasted barley tea, Chen Pi with Puer, also some detox tea like Five Flower Tea (I buy yu ren sheng one, expensive but fresh), but other things i buy from outside.
U can also using Powerbath and using DIY seasalt body scrub to detox body. Do you know my sandalwood powder a teaspoon with 5 drops rice bran oil scrub whole body is very powerful.
In ancient time Sandalwood powder use in pre bridal shower scrub. They put a teaspoon sandalwood powder mix with rice oil 20 drops scrub body. Super smooth... Have u tried?

This also clear negative Qi in meridians.

So Bryan Lao Shi breathing exercise is important.

Oil that works on clearing this is Dragonfly oil and PAF lime oil.
Once a day in wrist inhale abit than do 478 breathing exercise before sleep helps.


Crystal Healing for health. Before I share with you this stone. Let me share with u the ancient use of stones. May not have medical proof, but read as leisure for u. So ur knowledge good ma. Below articles are from ancient crystal healing de. So i take it there must have some reason why it was being used.

For me, i hold the stone and feel good, sometimes put on stomach , lie down and relax for 5mins.

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