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Fine lines around eyes

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I have pair of big eyes. When young i has serious sinus (2 to 10) as a result, i have deep eye circle due to constant allergy rubbing. So when adult, i can only reduce as much as possible. But for me, I do what I can to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and the circle from worsen and indeed it has.

eye massage

Above each point i press 2 mins (4 seconds release, repeat for 2 mins). Helps eyes beauty.

Fine lines under eye area, is something very suddenly u look in mirror one day , suddenly increase.

Just few weeks of neglect of moisturizing this area, it can become trees roots very quickly and shocking.

Wrinkles and fine lines definitely  caused by dehydration or allergies in faces of any age.  
These lines and wrinkles are caused by  rubbing and scratching of the skin and dermatitis around the eyes.

Other factors like dehydration, pollution, nutrition, genetics, smoking, and certain medications contribute to the formation of wrinkles. However the majority of wrinkles and fine lines are related to photo-damage from ultraviolet light.

If this already happen: I have a method I use and it works. HA eye serum for 10 days, use 3-4 times a day. Bring to office and dab on eye area. Is not oily but works well. let this ten dayss hydrate ur skn.

Omhealth eye care series only 3 types and add up cheaper than commercial one bottle. And is free from whatever:

1)HA EYE serum
Ultra water full hydrate skin develop skin reserves of water and reinforce.

2) DragonBlood Ultimate eye gel
Heal skin and fight wrinkles formation and deep lines and gel form for singapore weather. puffiness and crowfeets

3) Ginseng eye cream (night)
prevent future damage of eye area skin and tonic and heal.

Please invest in omhealth eye care series, give it a try

Mask (Face and eye mask (put in fridge) is packed with berries and cucumber extract)

all avaliable shopping cart:

Eyes and fine lines:

They will appear one, and very fast spread out if you

1) Dont watch diet
2) Dehydrated (When u pass 30, water daily cannot less please dont neglect)

HA eye serum--- Deep level to hydrate skin.
Eye Cream Ginseng --- Evening time, some use day time but is rich yet dont clog pores
Ultimate Eye Gel --- Dragonblood and pack with so many herbs really fight free radicals.

3 Precious items for eyes so sincere and yet a good price.

U can see when u are  16—you dont  have lines around your eyes. But nowsaday, young one also have le due to phone and poor diet.
During day time:  Tapping a little over your eye  plumps up lines by sealing in moisture, and it's nonirritating,” says And It's one of the best under eye gel after HA eye serum during day time.
At Night: Smooth on an anti-aging wrinkle HA eye serum follow by eye cream or ultimate eye gel every evening before bed. Although there are dozens of eye products on the market look for one which include many ingredients that fight fine lines.
Drink more water than you do. “Teeny lines around the eyes are often caused by dehydration,” A cup of flower tea 1 hour before bed. Your eyes will look even better. "Fine lines, like the ones around your eyes, repair themselves to some extent while you sleep, especially if u good very natural products like HA eye serum

Antioxidant Hydrating Mask: My hydrating mask is packed with antioxidant and cucumber extract for skin dullness and this one was the pioneer and for eye area especially.
Bionic Rose Mask: Collagen, hydrate famous now.... Facebook many feedbacks say good. And is amazing
Bionic Rose Mask: Is best for dehydrated and aging skin. U can use daily for 5 days and see how ur skin transformed.

Aromatherapy INhale eucalytpus from tissue helps tired eyes and dark eye circle.

Body Stretch

Stay in above position daily for 10mins helps fight tired eyes and dark eye circle. If can apply 3 oil with rice oil at upper back. The oil will travel and release knots of neck pain and release Qi stagnation causing dark eye circle and eye bags.

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