Thursday, February 25, 2016

Body Skin Seriously

DO u know skin is one of the largest organ in our body.

When we do healing , when we think, when we move, when we do whatever think. Skin cells has a way of sending signals and sensing the mood , vibrations and emotions.

Since day One I always share with my students to apply body oil after shower before sleep and is totally not oily.

back in 80s Singapore has a lot of old aromatherapist that bring in good fresh body oil (cant sell off the shell because each of lifespan and once spoilt is smelly). And i used to get from a lady almond oil for body and hair. And till today everynight for past 18 years i never stop applying oil on body.

omhealth Jojoba can use for hairloss too when blend with rosemary , geranium and lavendula.

because joints, skin and body if u use good oil they can absorb well and indirectly improve skin and health. Many people when get older skin have problems because too dry and defense stop.

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Why not today:> Look into apply few drops of oil on body. Amaze by the effect of texture after 21 days.
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This Body Oil omhealth has

1) rice bran oil (first in Singapore to make famous on radio)
2) Jojoba Easbsorb
3) Scentless power High grade Coconut oil for body.

U see ur skin should not apply commercial mineral oil or lotion as it has alot chemicals. Lately there are some oil in market that says to heal scare but when u look at the ingredients and the added preservatives and fragrance u will be shockedd

A bottle of omhealth body oil cost $45 to $55 and trust me takes u 3- 6 months to finish it.

And sometimes I am creative , i will put 8 drops rice bran oil or other body oil on palm and select any of my aroma oil and add 2 drops and mix on palm and massage body.
So everyday I am mixing new scent for body mind and emotion.

Antiaging is not just the face:

Is the body :
Use pure oil and must be fresh for body (every body oil u receive is fedex within 2 weeks) do u know I absorb the cost alot.

Commercial body lotion is nothing more than oil emulsified in water, with alcohol added to help with evaporation and chemicals to help with the emulsification. 

Conventional brands contain parabens for preservation, toxic fragrances (or more chemicals to mask the smell and make it ‘fragrance-free’), petrochemical-based emollients (to soften and give the impression of smooth, tight skin) and humectants (to enhance water absorption), penetration enhancers, and thickening agents. Despite all these fancy ingredients, many of them don’t even work that well.

So invest in a body oil today

Bryan lao Shi new Coconut Oil is $45 and 100ml

Something u want to look into it.
 In a full bottle of body oil; In Aromathrapy is call Carrier oil . because we use it to blend essential oil and dilute it so it can carry and smooth flow to skin.

Some oil too strong and we need to dilute with carrier oil.

ratio for massage
4-5 drops essential oil in 10ml carrier oil
1-2 drops in 10ml carrier oil

For professional
we put carrier oil  few drops on palm and add the essential and massage directly.

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Not many people or almost extinct want to sell natural oil because troublesome and expiry. Only omhealth for 18 years we sell natural oil and fresh. I didnt want to put expiry because is sell base on trust as expiry date people can change anytime.

Money must earn but must have Liang Xin. And because of this, omhealth oil although fedex fees alot , i do it. And really highest quality.

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